Cable management and updates for a big change. 

The key to a smart looking office is cable management, it’s our secret ingredient to create a visual impact with wow factor, whenever we install Tidy IT ensure all cable management is adhered to which gives a smart look and adds actual space above and below the desk, so your feet will become free again to move again at their leisure.

Here’s an example of a space gaining update …. By adding monitor arms to a desk you can drastically improve desk working area, create a more comfortable seating and operating environment.

We can add hardware updates to your IT landscape –  e.g. Bluetooth connectivity technologies for both laptops and desktops, install updated monitor screens with improved resolution quality and multiple screen configurations.

You could consider, Improving desk connectivity via desk hubs with powered USB terminals and telephony headset options. Working with you to create a high performance quality uniform technology deployment across the office.


All our work receives our high-quality stamp of approval, we give a full test and timely reporting to you before we sign off or hand over our work as completed. We always go the extra mile for you and that’s what makes Tidy IT. Richard W